BEX ROX- Faceted Onyx Ring

This is a knockout cocktail ring which will make you to cause a storm at every party you will go!

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Office Outfit- ACNE- Sleeveless Check Dress with Padded Hips

I have been secretly fantasizing about this ACNE dress as an office outfit. Do you like it as much as I do?

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Something Sweet?

Oh! Now that I have written about chocolate my sweet tooth is in the march 🙂 So I have found this amazing biscuits. hungry for one or two?

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Chocholate Debauve & Gallais

I have died and woke up in heaven. In a heaven full of chocolate. You should know that my present life motto is “Forget love… I’d rather fall in chocolate”. And I have found some chocolates from Debauve& Gallais that simply made my heart spin. These chocolates were made only for royalty and starting 1913 they become available to simply mortals like myself. 🙂

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Multi Ring brooch – Husam El Odeh

I have found this very nice brooch from Husam El Odeh – Multi Ring Brooch– some other posts of mine regarding Husam.

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