Hermes- La Vie Comme Un Conte

Like in a fairy tale, that is exactly how I feel when I watch these pictures for the ad campaing of Hermes. I have to say that Karlie Kloss looks fabulous.

Cindarella, The Little Mermaid were all stories that keep me locked in a fantasy world. 🙂

Kate Moss Launches Longchamp Bags in Paris

Kate Moss launched in Paris the new Longchamp bags collection. Kate, who has worked with the label for some time now, has created three themes for her bags Rock’n’Casual, Rock’n’Travel and Rock’n’Glam.

New Site!

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Trends for 2010

Every year I get a new beginning. All the bad things and the mistakes done in the previous year are erased. I have a lot of new ideas and a very positive to-do attitude. So, I have started to see what trends are in for 2010, to change things from 2009. So, what’s new? What is still in from last year?


Nude Shoes– they were a must last year and we will see them a lot this year too

Blue color, dark royal blue color. For me blue is the new black

Wedges– not such a big fan of them last year, but I can see their potential now 🙂

White Smart Shirts- do I need to say why? 🙂

You will find all of these trends and much more here.

Rihanna at 2010 NRJ Awards

At the 2010 NRJ Awards held at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France Rihanna wore a white lace Jean Paul Gaultier dress and Nina Ricci shoes. Like her?