Socks and Sandals

I’m not into this trend- wearing sandals with short socks. I have seen some serious mistakes on the street when trying to wear this combination. But, I decided to give it a second change as lately the weather has been very strange: heavy, heavy rain followed by burning sun and more rain.

And I have found some great socks and sandals combination 🙂

Black and Purple

Brown and Blue – love the brown Steve Madden sandals

Like them? Would you wear the short socks and sandals?

Fresh- Brown Sugar Body Polish

Fresh co-founders Lev-Glazman and Alina Roytberg set out to create in 1991 the perfect artizanal soap, using natural ingredients like milk, sugar, soy and rice. It’s a dream to use their products. Wait until you try out the Brown Sugar Body Polish.  

Alexander McQueen Cruise 2011 Collection

This is the first women collection designed by Satah Burton, creative director at Alexander McQueen. The pre-spring collection was inspired by Hans Bellmer’s dolls and samurai warriors. Like it?

More pictures on Nitrolicious.

Taylor Momsen Wore Clear Heels

and an intriguing outfit. Though the clear heels with a space for tips were the most interesting. Taylor Momsen- the famous Jenny from TV Series Gossip Girl- wore them to perform at Warped Tour over the weekend. But her entirely outfit leaves not much for your imagination.

Also, she is the face of the campaign for the ‘Material Girl’ collection- Madonna’s clothes collection for Macy’s.

Way to go Jenny! 🙂