Military or Motorcycle Boots?

Which one do you like more? The military boots –Dior Lace Up Rocket Heel -or the Motorcycle ones –  Mark Nason Zoie Multi Studded Over-the-Knee?

I simply cannot make up my mind.

Trendy Trends from Neiman Marcus

Have you seen the Top5 outfits from Neiman Marcus? I, especially liked these 3.

Which one do you like more? The Kaufman Franco leather and fur outfit or the Cacharel pink print for rainy and cold days or Erdem nude outfit?

Gossip Girl Season 4

Gossip Girl Season 4 is here. With the first 2 episodes behind us I have fallen again in love with Paris 🙂

But the plot is very complicated this season on the Gossip Girl set. Here are some pictures to prove what I’m saying.

Blake Lively and her new on-screen beau Sam Page

Leighton Meester looking really beautiful – in Paris 🙂

We will always have Paris.