Paper Cards to Send by Snail Mail

Yes, do you remember snail mail? And when Christmas or various birthdays came we used to send cards to the loved ones. And, oh, how I checked the post every two days to see if there was any letter from my 2 pen-pals. Printed or handwritten letters and cards, yes and printed books 🙂

Thanks to Cool Hunting I have discovered Nicely Noted the project of Perry Nelson. She brings her  design to each of the selections, seeking out the best letterpress designers around for her monthly mailings. The richly textured cards are paired with colorful envelopes, and Nelson even selects a trio of stamps to go along with each mailing.

Paper Passion – The New Book Fragrance

How crazy is this: new perfume from Wallpaper* magazine that actually makes you smell like a new book. I love the smell of new books, that’s why I prefer to read them on paper than on iPad, at least one every few months, but I don’t know what to say about smelling like a new book. Paper Passion would for sure gather around me a lot of book-lovers! 🙂

The fragrance, was created in collaboration with perfumer Gerza Schoen and Gerhard Steidl. The  packaging for the fragrance, designed to look like a book, is done by none other than Karl Lagerfeld who said “The smell of a freshly printed book is the best smell in the world.”
It sells at $115. A little expensive. But still the question remains: Would you buy this fragrance?

Photo courtesy of

Fall Ad Campaigns

You’ve probably just updated your summer wardrobe and gotten into the warm-weather mood, but the forward-thinking fashion world has already moved on to September and beyond. Therefore, here are a few pictures from various ad campaigns.

See the First of the Fall 2012 Campaigns including Versace, Prada and Emporio Armani in NY Mag


Funky Shoes

I have seen lately some very funky shoes. So,  decided to cast a vote among you. Which one do you like best, which you don’t? Le me know!

Givenchy Funky Shoes – are some shoes that would look good on Hell-Boy, I can honestly say that these Hybrid Shoes are at the bottom of my likes.

Undercover “Fuck The Past, Fuck the Future” Funky Shoes – I very much like the traditional Japanese footwear, and these resemble both a clog and sandal, they look easy to fit in more outfits.

Fluo Derby Shoes by Coii – see through shoes, with yellow-lime color, I would definitely wear them.

Photos courtesy of HypeBeast and DesignYourTrust.


Kate Upton and Kellan Lutz for Abbot and Main Fall Ad Campaign 2012

Can Twilight star Kellan Lutz get more gorgeous? Yes, he can!

Check out his latest ad campaign for Abbot and Main. It was photographed by Yu Tsai with, now incredibly successful, model Kate Upton . Yu Tsai photographed the most attractive couple on Venice Beach.

Uh, uh! Such a well toned upper body.

Photos courtesy of Thaeger.