Saint Laurent Suit

I simply love this Saint Laurent suit. I think it’s amazing! And I love the neck bow and the hat! Just great!

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Duck Lamp by Matt Pugh

I found this very cute duck lamp – designed by Matt Pugh – when searching for a pair of party stilettos- searching on the WWW may take you to unknown places. It’s really nice! What do you think?

Photo courtesy of Liberty UK.

Work Inspirational Outfits

It’s quite hard to assembly a nice-cool-interesting look every morning before leaving for work. And I, for sure, am not the type of girl who would get the next day outfit ready with a day in advance or even longer. I have heard of persons who know what they will wear a week in advance. Blasphemy, if you ask me! I don’t want to miss creating a great outfit out-of-the-blue by what I call instant inspiration.

So, I tried to push my instant inspiration to do some work, by searching some ideas online. And, as I have a white shirt that I  really wanted to wear, look below at what I found:

White Shirt with Lace Dress – as seen on Alexandra Chung

White Shirt worn under a cute, colored sweater

Crisp White Shirt worn with a sharp suit with a bold pattern – as seen on Emma Roberts

Photos courtesy of Style It Light.