Winter Street Style

Here are some inspirational outfits for winter. I know that when it’s cold outside all you think of it’s the thickest parka or jacket – at least that’s what I do. But, I love to find some inspiration and turnaround my winter way of clothing. What do you wear in winter?

Winter Street Style 3Winter Street Style 1Winter Street Style 2

Photos courtesy of Tumblr.

Jean & Thierry Vendôme Jewelery

I love jewels. And wearing them can make you look bold and extravagant. Especially when wearing Jean & Thierry Vendôme Jewelery. Between 8 January and 8 February, they are hosting an exhibition “Le Chant du Mineral” at Galerie Martel-Greiner in Paris.

Jean & Thierry Vendôme Jewelery 2Jean & Thierry Vendôme Jewelery 1Jean & Thierry Vendôme Jewelery 3Jean & Thierry Vendôme Jewelery 4

Photos courtesy of Vogue FR.