I Spy Some Spring Brights

I know it’s minus 10 degrees outside, and the snow is still here. But the sun today, made me think about the coming spring and the bright and sunny colors that come with it. And maybe if I would wear some bright colors now, maybe spring will come faster?

Spring Brights TheorySpring Brights TuckerSpring Brights Day Birger et MikkelsenSpring brights Goat

Photos courtesy of Marie Claire.

Dia de los Muertos Watch by Romain Jerome

“Every year in Mexico, celebrations honoring the dead brighten up the whole country. Classified as part of UNESCO’s “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” since 2003, the “Día de los Muertos” is the most important date in the Mexican calendar. RJ-Romain Jerome has decided to pay tribute to this traditional custom with a watch in which every detail echoes the joyful, colorful festivities that accompany the Day of the Dead.” taken from Romain Jerome site.

I am into skulls and spikes and punk accessories, and I like this watch for being so colorful! I don’t see myself wearing it 24/7 for 365 days, but still it will make me smile and lift my spirits on a dull day.

Dia de los Muertos Watch by Romain Jerome

Photo courtesy of The Fly Candy Post.


Hermes Bracelet

I know the give gifts to friends and loved ones period has passed and all the glitter has turned to some dull grey with snow and cold. But would you not love to receive some gifts after the gift giving period? A little reminder of how appreciated you are? With the emphasis on little, ;), what do you think of this Hermes bracelet? I, for one, love it!

Hermes Bracelet

Photo courtesy of The Fly Candy Post.

Knitted Shiny Sweater

I simply love this sweater! Do you like it?

Shiny Sweater

Photo courtesy of Topshop.

Ombre Hair Trend

It’s old news now and almost everybody has tried it! Nevertheless here are some great pictures with this style- ombre hair. Thanks to L’Oréal Paris – and their their new Féria Wild Ombré – everyone will be able to try this trend at home and hopefully look like Sarah Jessica Parker, Miley Cyrus, Gwyneth Paltrow.

L'Oreal Paris-  Féria Wild Ombré

I wonder what will be the next big hair trend?

Celebrities attend Paul McCartney's 'My Valentine' World Premiere in Beverly Hills, CAPremiere The Hunger GamesFashion Groups Night Of Stars

Photos courtesy of The Cut.