Victoria's Secret Swim Cover Model: Candice Swanepoel

Cold weather can make one forget about swimming and hot weather! And I forgot about it, too. But this changed in a heart bit when I saw the annual Victoria’s Secret Swim Catalog. This year the Swim cover model is Candice Swanepoel, everyone’s favorite South African Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Victoria's Secret Swim Cover Model Candice Swanepoel

Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Gossip.

New Love – Haizhen Wang AW 2012

Could life get any better? Discovering new and amazing emerging designers, with wow outfits has become a serious interest of mine lately. Oh, I love acknowledged designers a lot, too, quite a lot actually.

I found Haizhen Wang from London, UK, doing some great stuff. Love the AW 2012 collection. It’s so British!

Haizhen Wang AW 2012 1 Haizhen Wang AW 2012 2 Haizhen Wang AW 2012 3 Haizhen Wang AW 2012 4

Photos courtesy of Not Just a Label.

New Love – Digitaria

Looking for cool stuff on Not Just a Label, I found this Greek designer Digitaria and the clothes have that certain something that makes my heart tick faster. Love them! Do you love them, too? For sure it’s a designer worth following.

Digitaria 1 Digitaria 2 Digitaria 3 Digitaria 4

Photos courtesy of Not Just a Label.

Anuschka Hoevener Scarf

I found an amazing scarf and I want to share it with you. It’s created by ANUSCHKA HOEVENER from Berlin, Germany and it’s just great. How would you wear it?

Anuschka Hoevener Scarf

Photos courtesy of Not Just a Label.