Aurélie Bidermann Jewelry

Aurélie Bidermann is launching her secondary Bidermann collection, which consists of necklaces, bracelets, and rings made exclusively from brass. I love her style! I am so into gold looking jewelry right now. Would you wear this kind of jewelry?

Aurélie Bidermann Jewelry 3 Aurélie Bidermann Jewelry 1 Aurélie Bidermann Jewelry 2

Photos courtesy of Barneys.

Markus Lupfer Jumpers

I love graphic jumpers very much. And when the image is sewn with sequins, the sweater becomes even cooler! What do you think about these Markus Lupfer sequins jumpers?

Markus Lupfer Lip Sequin Jumper Markus Lupfer Cadillac Sequin Jumper Markus Lupfer Lip Sequin Jumper Lila

Photos courtesy of Shopbop .

I Spy Some Bracelets

The more the merrier! This is so true when it comes to bracelets. And bracelets with messages written on them? Just wow! What do you think about this So what if i’m a gold digger bracelet stack ( this comes after having written about Kanye West before, so the sweatshirt and bracelets work great toghether) or I love you to the moon and back bracelet? I want them so yesterday!

So What If I'm A Gold Digger Bracelet Stack I Love You To The Moon And Back Bracelet

Photos courtesy of Fancy.

Kanye West Sweatshirt

I like this outfits very much. It goes very well with my Monday mood today. A Kanye West sweatshirt! Arrogant Monday!

Kanye West Sweatshirt

Photo courtesy of Fancy.