Weekly Findings

This weeks findings from the world wide world:

1. Need some romantic inspiration? Bottle love note:  Write a message, bottle it up and seal

bottle love note


2. Fancy some Ginger beer?

ginger beer


3. Kate Spade Set the Stage Agenda – a very interesting planner for 2015, if you want to know the exact date when you will flirt with a handsome stranger

4. Flash Tattoos – they make me feel like summer is still here

5. This amazing shoulder bag from Lili Radu

6. Amy Alkon – Good Manners for Nice Peoplewho sometimes say F*ck – With wit, a lot of style Amy Alkon explains that we now live in societies too big for our brains, lacking the constraints on bad behavior that we had in the small bands we evolved in. Alkon shows us how we can reimpose those constraints, how we can avoid being one of the rude, and how to stand up in a crowd.

good manners book

This is all this week! See you next Friday at Weekly Findings!

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