Scarves That Support Women in Ethiopia

In the spring of last year, fashionABLE ran a scarf design contest with the One Campaign and the Alt Summit Community and they had an overwhelming response. The winning scarf design was called, Genet, as one of the women they have been working with. So, fashionABLE has teamed up again this year with ALT Summit to created another beautiful product to support the women in Ethiopia. They could not decide between two scarves designs so they have decided to have both of them made. Teaming up with Kickstarter was another great initiative, and you can order them online. Your purchase of a fashionABLE product creates sustainable business in Africa. So, let us all donate for a good cause!

And if you need additional incentive please see their ongoing campaign where you can win a lot of cool stuff and one of the scarves. Please be sure to use   #fashionABLEplusAlt  when you write about them.

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