Products I Use: Brow Tools I Swear By

They say that eyes are the window to the soul, so make sure yours are framed to perfection by your brow.Thanks to a dear friend of mine I was introduced a couple of years ago to the wonderful world of Anastasia Beverly Hills. And, boy, do my brows look better then ever. I have tried 2 different stencils and decided together with a specialist from their salon which one is a better fit for my face shape. Then the specialist chose the brow powder that best fits me and that was all.


Super easy yo do at home and perfect for popping in your purse, look to this brow kit for precision crafted tools like tweezers, brow powders, easy-to-use stencils to customize your brow shape and fixing gels. The deluxe way to make your eyes the star of the show. So good I don’t know how I lived without it.


Favorites: Bobbl Beanies

I am in love with these very ingenious beanies from Bobbl – even cooler and with so many ways of wearing them thanks to their interchanging pom-poms. Aren’t they the most – I want them now! accessory ever?

These wool beanies are not only super cosy but come with an endless array of fluffy spheres to top them off. Mix and match them to suit your style or your outfit (imagine matching them with your bag), and you’ll never get bored of your beanie again. A perfect gift for your special friends this Christmas.

Photos courtesy of Bobbl