How to: Western Boots

Cowboy boots aren’t just for the wild wild west, they can be for everyone! Just learn some fashionable ways to wear them! And wearing them well is mostly a matter of knowing how to balance the “country western” look with well-structured, stylish pieces.  Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Jessica Simpson are examples of how to wear these western kicks.


Pair your cowboy boots with a dress

Cowboy boots are great with dresses (especially plain ones) because they add a bit of extravaganza to an otherwise boring dress. If you want to make your outfit more western, just add a belt to your dress that matches the color of your boots. Pairing your cowboy boots with a plain dress will make them stand out more than any other outfit!

Skinny jeans and western boots – always a good match

Leggings and western boots – go wild with the leggings, the boots are already wild

And of course, the classical hot short jeans and denim jacket


What is your favorite style? How do you wear your western boots?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.


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