WearLuck Gorgeous Tops

Thanksgiving is upon us, and there are only a few weeks left before Christmas. Searching for that perfect outfit that will make you stand out? That will be a conversation starter, that will be cozy and funny? I have found the most innovative idea ever: a top with a cute message on its sleeve. And a powerful message, too. The entire philosophy of the Wear Luck clothing is clothes that empower you, that have a purpose: to make you feel and look happy!

smell the roses

Spread love, cheer, health, prosperity, friendship, and overall happiness in life! I especially love this message “Whether side by side or miles apart, I am here for you always.  Lean on me for the care, love & support you need.  Always know I’m here to keep your spirit strong, unconditionally.” This is the message that it is written on the left forearm of the “Friends & Family” color block top.   And I believe that this is the perfect message to send to those you care about.friends and family

I can think of at least 5 people that I would give that shirt to for the holidays and know that every time they see this message – and it will be right under their eyes -they will know how I feel about them.

Here is another design that I loved: Be the Change

be the change


So, I Will Not forget to be AWESOME! and I Will Do what I love & do it often.




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