Holiday Gloves and Socks

Nothing gets me in the holiday mood faster than a cute pair of gloves or/and a cozy pair of socks.

winter gloves and socks

Stylish gloves will make your outfits instantly interesting this winter. Plus, they’re a necessity when it comes to protecting your hands from the elements: wind and cold are great enemies! Get your paws on a pair of stylish winter gloves!

Socks are to winter what ice-cream is to summer: a bright, personal touch – especially when paired with the right shoes. I love the fun socks that peek from beneath your pants or that are the perfect match for your sneakers, or those who are not visible but are your own inside joke. Nevertheless, your socks can be a styling statement.

As there are a lot of DIY mittens ideas for this season, I found this picture that gave me a great idea. Why not make a pair of mittens from an old sweater and then reuse the sweater with a lace blouse underneath or just with a colored t-shirt! Have to give this idea a try! Keep you posted on the outcome!

sweater and gloves

photos courtesy of Pinterest.

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