Liebster Award

I have been nominated to this award by ChanelsClassyGirl. Thank you very much!

The rules are:
List 10 facts about yourself;
Answer the questions that were made for you;
Make 10 questions to your nominated bloggers;
Nominate 10 bloggers.
Ready to be entertained?
1. I love chocolate – no wonder here, who doesn’t?
2. I live in Paris and I love discovering unknown corners, streets and shops in this amazing city
3. Speaking of discoveries the Asian food has become a favorite of mine
4. I love going shopping – I like &other stories – just today I have bought this bag – again, no wonder here
bag other stories
5. I love traveling and making travelling plans well in advance
6. I felt in love with Thailand and its temples
7. I would love to be able to learn French faster and speak it better
8. I love mixing styles when I dress and I absolutely love wearing pants
9. My hubby would love for me to wear more dresses
10. So, I vote for the next big trend dresses over pants! hehehe!
Now my answers:
How do you see your life in ten years from now?
Surrounded by friends and family and being a VERY known blogger
What’s you essential accessory? 
My Longchamp bag. I carry her everywhere! Or she carries me! She has long exceeded the IT stage, she’s a SHE now!
Favorite brand
If I start I will not be able to stop, but let me stick to &other stories and COS
Your favorite place to go
Colette, for everything from shopping to eating and seeing highly fashionable people
What do you do besides blogging?
Eat, sleep and go to work, the regular stuff 🙂
Your blog’s goals
Be known in a lot of different countries, and learn more by researching various subjects for this amazing blog – thank God! I am so modest.
Your hobby
Yoga, Yoga, Yoga
Want do you carry on your purse?
Oh, everything! From medicines, a little umbrella and make-up to my wallet and sun-glasses, you never know if it’s not raining, maybe it will be sunny, an extra sweater, a scarf, my Kindle, the metro newspaper (sometimes from 2 weeks ago) and a lot of receipts that I need to throw away.
What do you consider essential?
How do you describe your style?
Mixed, monochrome, mostly back, unstructured
Bloggers I nominate and whom you must read, they are just great:
My questions for the nominees:
What is the blog you read most frequently?
How have you decided to write a blog? What inspired you?
Which of the characters from Sex and The City do you think you resemble – style wise?
Where would you like to live? Favorite city?
Favorite trend this season?
Would you wear snickers at the office?
Best hair product used? I want to know all your secrets!
Favorite joke?
Best holiday destination?
Most wanted present for this Christmas?
I am quite eager to read your answers! Can’t wait!
Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

3 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. as i cant be nominated anymore because i have been over 3 times i would answer ur questions here if u dont mind.
    1- the blog i read more frequently is
    2- out of need of seeing the feedback from ppl of my style and things i am interested in and mostly to keep connected to ppl all over and learn from their style aswel
    3- i am a mix between carrie and charlotte
    4- i would like to live anywhere in italy
    5- burgundy clothes and stripes
    6- i have wore them for the office but in a very casual day
    7- argan oil (any natural version of it)
    8- i dont have any favorite joke i cant never remember them after haha
    9- i loved barcelona spain so much
    10- i want a 50mm lens for my nikon dslr camera

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