How To: Leather Cuffs

I really love leather accessories. Consider leather bracelets the next time you are shopping for cutting-edge jewelry. Leather has always been popular in fashion accessories, but now it is easier than ever to add bold leather pieces into your current look.

My primary source of inspiration has been a collection designed by Eniana Velcani, I absolutely love her gloves-cuffs.

Other interesting bracelets and cuffs

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.


Tuesday Tip: Urban House

Urban interiors feature nontraditional home materials, often including objects that are more often used in an industrial sense. Simple, yet beautiful, the Urban design look uses minimalist, Scandinavian style to create bright, elegant compositions. Greys are set against natural tans to bring a sense of warmth to these stylish, urban looks.  So, if you are thinking of redecorating you can take inspiration from some pictures here and also by asking my friends from Tecto Arhitectura for ideas.

Searching around I have discovered the styles proposed by Occa-Home. They look super stylish.

Other wow urban interior design ideas:

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.