Make-up Ideas for the Party Season

Party season is upon us. This month, with all the parties that are to be attended, cries for a simple yet wow make-up trick you’ll need to get out the door fast. Whether you prefer highlighted skin, false lashes, smoky metallic eyes, dark brows, red or matte lipstick, focus on just one bold feature for minimal effort, maximum impact. And plan in advance. Make-up is as important as the outfit so having some ideas about how it is going to be will save you some additional time.

Try some glitter or metallic shades for your eyes

Try some bold lips – remember the berry lipstick? Accentuate your lips and add just a little dab of color to you eyes, maybe a black line, but try the nude face bold lips make-up technique.

Why not go for the bold brows – after all Cara Delevigne has set a great example

Please share your thoughts and results with me!

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

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