Christmas Home Decor Ideas

From a charming mantel display to a decadent food and candy buffet, capture the true magic of the holiday season in festive ways that will make the days merry and memorable.

Arrange a grouping of festive lanterns to add easy holiday style.

Create an elegant Christmas centerpiece

Pretty up your presents by attaching ornaments to them. And use satin ribbons to make them happy and stylish presents.

Fill glass cylinders with Christmas ornaments

Change the look of a room by adding festive looking pillows

Merry Christmas!

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.


Doing the Weekly Findings the Right Way

Another week with beautiful findings from the www.

This Wrap It Up Sweater seems divine with the low temperatures that are here presently, the perfect way to snuggle up the Christmas morning and open the gifts

wrap it up sweater

Pair the sweater with this super confy and cute looking leggings

leggings forever 21


Julia Roberts is the new face of Givenchy and she looks amazing, I really like her



These amazing pairs of underwear – your little funny secret that will make you smile during the day

These cute Christmas cake ideas are the top

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.