Why Monochrome Tops are the New Black

If you are (in a hurry) looking for that finishing touch to your outfit, just add a monochrome top (black or white) and Voila! instant chicness.

To quote Karl Lagerfeld: “Black and white always looks modern, whatever that word means”.

A catwalk favorite, black and white tops are the building pieces of any standout outfit, from the laced tops to sequined tees, these pieces are the most stylish way to transform your outfits. The monochrome trend has been worn on and off the red carpet by stars like Emily Blunt, Taylor Swift, Nicole Richie and many more. Each has their own take on the trend. See some examples and be inspired to create your own black and white ensemble.

Here are some more ideas from street style photos

Photos courtesy of Glamour Magazine and Pinterest.

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