The Ultimate Must Have Item – by TheFab3

Remember my series of posts by friends – The Ultimate Must Have Item? This week my dear Heather from TheFab3, has agreed to share with you and me her ultimate item of clothing. I like Heather’s style very much, and her blog has been a constant source of inspiration since I have discovered it. I am still behind with the exercises I promised I would do, but you should check that part of her blog also. Really amazing!

so my Ultimate Must Have 

to get a girl through winter…
Now not everyone needs a warm winter coat during this time of the year..(lucky few and wow yes… you can bet we are all so jealous of you!) Outerwear is an important piece not just for staying warm, but it completes an entire look! A classic black coat (different shapes, materials and styles) offers a sophisticated look no matter what your hiding underneath… a sparkling cocktail dress, leather pants and your favorite white sweater… ripped jeans and a special tee. …heck even sweats to run out and get your coffee! A statement piece, the classic black coat makes everything look uber are five of my favorite picks.
Photos courtesy of Piperlime, Nordstrom, Madewell, J.Crew, Asos.

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