How to Be Popular in the Sweatshirt Dress

Want to wear something comfy at the Christmas dinner, and look chic and stylish? A sweatshirt dress is what I have in mind. Pair it with high heels for a effortlessly chic look or with sneakers for an edgy one. Either way you will be tres fashionable and popular in your choosen outfit!

How To: Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are everywhere right now, and they can be totally feminine and sophisticated with the right styling. The jumpsuits are an effortless alternative to the classic cocktail dress, being super versatile, coming in everything from long sleeves, to spaghetti straps, to chic tuxedo-ish finishes or adorned with sequins – thus making them appropriate for festive outings. Why not try this style for the New Year’s Eve Party?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

How to Be Popular in the Peek-a-boo Lingerie World

I absolutely love to play peek-a-boo with lingerie. Celebs like Katy Perry and Sarah Jessica Parker are rocking the see-through look.


It’s a fun trend that can be challenging to pull off. But remember, when it comes to sheer there’s a fine line between trendy and trashy. Wear yours under a sheer knit, or choose to wear your bra under a scoop tank or low cut top or blouse. And always go for an interesting lace design.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Uni Colored Christmas Trees Decorations

I love decorating the Christmas trees with as little colors as possible. One or two colors. This year it’s white and gold, as I have found some great decorating ideas online

Others colors I love are all white, white and black or blue, red and white, gold.

What is your decorating style? Which one is your favorite?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Current Obsession: Macabre Gadgets

Having seen the rings, collars and earrings from Macabre Gadgets I have no choice but to recommend them to you as they are fascinating. My favorite one is the Unicorn ring.
Unicorn ring
Macabre Gadgets is inspired by the infernal aesthetics of the dark side, which is inherent by the world view of mankind at all times, epochs and styles, from the early Middle Ages to progressive postmodernism. 
The Macabre mood of jewels is embodied by cutting-edge and traditional jewelry execution techniques and materials: pressed coral, silver & gold inlaid precious & semi-precious stones, pearls and metals.
Great jewelry to wear to a party and be the center of attraction.