Preparing for Ski

Do you love skiing and snowboarding? It is that time of the year when everybody is preparing for a long, relaxing ski trip. So, pack you gear, but do not forget the Moon Boots! I absolutely love them. Here are a few of my favorite styles with Moon Boots.

Isn’t she super cute?

everydayfacts Moon Boot

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Friday Afternoon Eye-Candy: Ryan Gosling

You know it is good to have a healthy snack in the after-noon!

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Weekly Findings

Find below the links of this week:

Need to change you gym routine? Try this oh-my-god-so-hard abs exercises proposed by Tracy Anderson for Goop.

everydayfacts tracy anderson for goop


These DBA sport bras that motivate you want to do more of the above mentioned abs exercises

Send glitter to your enemies company will now start re-sending glitter

everydayfacts send glitter


DIY Conversation Heart Messages – after all Valentines Day is around the corner

everydayfacts DIY napkins


Face adhesives – what say you to this trend – Yay? or Nay?

everydayfacts adhesive make-up


Hope you have enjoyed this week’s findings! What new things did you learn or discover this week?

Fashionable Prints – Stars

We all love polka dot prints! There is something terrible feminine in wearing a dress with polka dots. But, I have lately seen the appearance of star prints, also. And, I have to tell you, adding some stars on your jeans or tee, could only make your outfit more interesting. Here are a few starred style choices of my own.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Glamorous Coffee Table

How to make your coffee table look glamorous?

First step will be to get rid of all the clutter that seems always to find it’s place there, it is easy to reach, true, but in the same time it gives a whole new dimension to the room if you have a cute styled coffee table. Adding some flowers always changes the appearance of a coffee table, as well as of the whole room.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.