Bags with Je Ne Sais Qu’√†

A dear friend of mine showed me this fantastic site, and immediately I started browsing it and discovered some amazing accessories. I will be sharing with you today the bags that made me tick.

Can I have them all?

Current Obsession: Concept a Trois Coat

I know I have written about coats and thick clothes lately a lot. It has to do for sure with the extremely cold weather outside! And, as staying inside all day long with a good book and hot chocolate is not possible any more, holidays being over and all, we just have to add an extra layer to the already existing ones we are wearing and fearlessly go outside. Obviously, I am not a winter person, but having recently discovered Concept a Trois I might become one. Or, at least I might venture outside more confident that being stylish in winter is now a possibility and I can keep the cold at bay also.

Having said all this, here is the magic coat that I am presently lusting after

Their coat collection is bigger than this amazing grey coat¬†– but, beware, I saw it first, so it’s mine! You can choose from bold colors like blue and red to more soft camel or grey ones.

They also offer this gorgeous grey cape:

concept a trois cape


I have a surprise in store for you regarding this amazing 2015 first discovery. I will keep you updated!