Chic and Simple Tattoos

When it comes to tattoos, I haven’t yet have any, but I love the small chic black ones. Browsing around I have found some very interesting ones. These pretty and petite designs might just convince you, too.

What would you choose?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.


Latest Interior Design Item- The Pineapple

Who would imagine that a tropical fruit – the pineapple- would become the latest interior design crush?

The pineapple has indeed a colorful history spanning from colonial times and is today heralded as the princess of fruits and credited as the symbol of hospitality and welcome. To give the pineapple as a gift conveys your intention to promote friendliness and graciousness to the recipient. Channel the sentiment by adorning your home with  this exotic-themed decor.

Add a pineapple to your room – a quick and quirky home update.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.