Current Obsession: Paper and Fabric T-shirt

I am sure by now, the admiration I hold for Tim Burton is not a secret anymore. His drawings are amazing. And his movies even more.

Therefore seeing these amazing T-shirts from Paper&Fabric made me want to have them all

Which is your favorite?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Paper&Fabric.

NYC Winter Trends by Jia Wertz

I have started my collaboration with Studio15, from New York, last year when I wrote a post for them – Gift ideas from Paris. They have a wonderful curated site and blog, and they have the most amazing pieces on sale. In order to find out the most important winter trends present in New York City I have asked Jia Wertz, founder of Studio 15, to write this post for Everydayfacts. Stay tuned for a review of top European trends.

It’s finally 2015 and unfortunately we don’t have hover-boards, self-drying jackets, or a DeLorean to time travel (I wish these predictions had come true…but oh well, there’s always next year). So let’s talk about the trends that are ringing in the new year in New York City. Designers can make fashion predictions all they want, but what I love about New York is the immensely diverse street style that can be seen all year round. On any given day you will find something new, something outrageous, and something to die for.

And that’s the number one reason I am in love with this city. I spent a Saturday walking down Broadway in Soho to simply people watch (or more like style watch) and there were some trends that were seen over and over again.

The Moto Jacket

It’s classic. It’s edgy. It’s always in style. You saw Madonna wearing it all the way back in the 80‘s and it’s never left the fashion scene since. With it’s versatility and ability to add oompth to every outfit, let’s face it, this trend will always be in style.

Wide-Brim Fedoras

The finishing touch to the perfect outfit. Fedoras have had more than their 15 minutes of fame, but this year it’s all about the flatter, wider brimmed hats, and not the classic Fedoras that you saw everywhere a few years back.

Oversized Sweaters & Thigh High Boots

Whether you love thigh high boots or not, there is one look that always makes them irresistible…paired with an oversized chunky sweater. A look that allows you to show some skin on the warmer winter days. And if that’s too cold or daring for you, add some tights or skinny jeans to the outfit and voila, you’re covered head to toe.

Mid-Heel Booties

The days of platform sky-high heels are behind us. And what a great thing that is, I mean, who wants to trudge around in those through the snow?! Mid-heel booties have a cooler laid-back fashion appeal that looks effortlessly on-point. I guess we may have to wait for the warmer weather to see the return of the 5” heel.

Cape Coats

This is by far my favorite trend of the year. Cape coats instantly make every outfit look a thousand times more fashionable. And you can find them in so many variations, from blazer capes to wool jacket capes, there is definitely something to pair with your favorite look.

Winter is well underway but the temperatures haven’t yet dropped to the unbearable freezing lows in Manhattan. What does this mean for all the fashionistas running around the city? It means more wardrobe options…and we will gladly take it.