The Ultimate Must Have Item – by Trend Mix

This week I present you a new blogger who has accepted the challenge of writing about the Ultimate Must Have Item. It is Lauren from Trend-Mix. And she has prepared a surprise for you! Love her idea a lot!

I was lucky enough to be asked by Everyday Facts to write about my favorite fashion must-have.  Obviously this was a very difficult choice; there are so many parts of fashion that feel necessary.  But there has been one fashion staple that has been standing out to me this season.  That staple is leggings, of course!  I haven’t jumped onto the legging bandwagon until pretty recently.  Now that I have fully committed to this fashion regular, I have found them to be useful in almost any situation.  I have worn leggings to sleep, to the gym, to work, out on the town and when just lounging around at home.  Nothing can beat these things!

Did I mention all leggings are super comfortable? I was thinking of a way to make my leggings a bit more personalized.  How can I add some legging flair while still looking fashionable?  I thought, why not add a flashy zipper at the bottom? This DIY is super easy and super affordable.  I got the zipper at a nearby craft store for under $3.00.  So, are you ready to make your average pair of leggings look designer? Join me in my tutorial below to see how, and as always-happy sewing! 🙂

Zippered Leggings- Everyday facts

If you are interested in seeing more of her fashion DIY’s check out her blog!


How To: Belted Coat

Adding a belt over your coat is an emerging trend – favorited by fashion bloggers and French Vogue Editors alike -that is making more and more victims. A leather, skinny, suede or metallic belt can instantly refresh your current outfit, creating a flattering feminine silhouette.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.