The Ultimate Must-Have Item by Polly’s Lookbook

For this week blog collaboration I am presenting you Polly from Polly’s Lookbook. Her Ultimate Must Have Item Wrap It All Up In A Cosy Beige Coat:

Deciding on a single must-have item for your wardrobe seems like mission impossible. Especially if you live in a country where the weather tends to change a lot, or if you have the type of lifestyle that requires you to switch styles. Personally, I believe that the main ingredients to have a chic and polished look are three: an eye-catching bag, high-quality coat and a pair of striking shoes.

However, as winter is raging around the town, I decided to focus on finding the perfect coat. It is important to take your time and to invest as much as possible when picking the right piece. Coats are really versatile and can be suitable for various occasions: work, dates, walks around the town and shopping.

Although they come in all shapes and sizes, my personal favourites are the beige coats: easy to wear and combine, yet the colour is much softer than black. When the temperatures drop down, people tend to go for colder and darker hues, but why not create a warmer feeling by wearing a coat in a softer shade. I like to wear this piece of clothing with a bright-toned lipstick like red or plum for a more dramatic effect. And when you add a fine scarf, you have an easy to make, polished look.

What I also like about coats is that they have lighter alternatives for spring and summer: the trench coat. For some reason, to me trench coats are synonymous with ‘English Chic’- probably because of the unpretentious elegance they add to every outfit.

Here are some of my favourite ideas and ways to style a beige coat:

Photos courtesy of  KateSpadeDamselindiorRstyleSacramentostreet.