The Ultimate Must-Have Item by Alisa

Having this section of posts from other bloggers on Everydayfacts, has proven to be a huge opportunity to discover new blogs, new styles and new ultimate must-have items. This time I present you Alissa from WanderingAlisa. I absolutely love how she styles her outfits and I have invited her to share with us her Ultimate Must Have Item.

I believe in investing in quality and versatile pieces. This white boyfriend Shirt has served its purpose on more than one occasion. I can literally wear with anything and anywhere. I can dress it down or dress it up. I can even wear it to a job interview or professional meetings. I had been looking for the perfect boyfriend shirt for a long time and for a while I would wear my mom’s shirts just cause they were looser and had that boy-like affect. I found this one at H&M, just when I had given up on finding the one. It’s funny how it always works out that way. It was very affordable and had the perfect fit. I have been obsessed ever since. Here are some examples of how I wear the Shirt.


I hope you guys enjoy it!

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