Weekly Findings

This week in links I loved:

This super simple yet Wow! outfit

everydayfacts love blair blog

How to give yourself space to create – dancing in the morning is a great advice

everydayfacts creative space


Always love a good translucent bronzing tint during winter months and not only

everydayfacts Dr. Hauschka Bronze Tint

Find out if your romance will last, taking this simple 2 questions test

everydayfacts love love

Get the perfect beach waves – I know summer is not so close, but what harm does it do a little dreaming

everydayfacts beach waves


Until next week!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Findings

  1. For beach waves there’s a simple spray you can do at home. You just need two spoons of epsom salt and half a teaspoon of hair conditioner. Put it all in a spray type bottle, let the salt melt and spritz your wet hair. It really works. Beach wave hair is called like that because the salt in the sea gives the hair loose awesome curls. You don’t need to go to the beach to have beach wave hair 😀

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