How To: White Denim

White denim is no longer reserved just for summer, you can wear this trend as well in winter, as in spring or summer – my fav seasons!

The trick to making white denim work  is by pairing it right – think tailored coats, leather boots and chunky knitwear for the cold weather perfect look. Also, mix and match the white denim with dark jumpers, layers over layers and topped off with a cute message beanie or wide brimmed hat.

Here are a few of my fav outfits that support this trend.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.


7 thoughts on “How To: White Denim

  1. Ok so this is BY FAR my favorite post this year!!! I know I know its only March BUT I have been obsessed with white jeans since January but they have been on back order from everywhere!!! I am LOVING this post!


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