Weekly Findings

This week in links I loved:

Become more French in easy 11 steps – How to Frenchify Yourself

everydayfacts 11 ways

3 ways to style our all white outfits

everydayfacts all white

These organic cosmetics from New Zealand – Antipodes

everydayfacts Atipodes

Have to test this Redken product that helps you grow your hair faster

everydayfacts lenght primer redkenApril is here and we are one step closer to summer and of course summer outfits, but with this ever changing weather and all this wind you’re probably asking yourself as I am: when is it ever going to be warm enough to wear summer clothes? Here are a few ideas of what to do until summer and how to style for cold your denim or lace dress and that super cute colored mini skirt.

Hope you are more inspired! Have a great weekend!

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