Square Chunky Heels

Going for a stylish and yet comfortable approach when choosing your summer sandals? I love this season’s trend – square block heels. Seen on fashionistas everywhere, these chunky-looking sandals are as hype as the stilettos and far more comfortable.

I  might even try the cullotes with this model of sandals and I would also choose a nude version to add some extra length. My feet are going to be happy 🙂

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Layering is not a trend, it is an art

Layering, layering… my fav style, even in summer 🙂

Saturday Eye Candy Jared Leto

Have a merry Saturday and enjoy some Jared Leto!

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Friday Inspiration Board

This week in photos I liked, made me smile and invited me to daydream

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

Current Obsession – Twins for Peace

I love sneakers and everything sporty in shoes as I can pair them with any outfit and be comfy, I will not go to a fancy party with sneakers, well except if they are these cool Twins for Peace in gold, or maybe the ones in red (and with that fancy ribbon)? Why can’t I ever make up my mind? To add some extra on top, what say you about the leopard or zebra prints?

everydayfacts vinci black gold twins for peace everydayfacts Boubou croco red twins for peace everydayfacts Boubou leopard zebra twins for peace

Photos courtesy of Twins for Peace.