The Ultimate Must-Have Item by Albatroz&Co

For this week collaboration I present you Theresa from Albatroz&Co. She has a great style and she is sharing a few tips of styling. Check them out below.

Fashion, if anything is versatile. It changes with time, evolves and becomes. Has always been.


There is a definite beauty in being able to bring to life an outfit for one occasion only to find that with a different set of accessories, you can have an entirely different style.

everydayfacts albatroz&CO

My name is Theresa Addo from Albatroz & Co blog and today I’ll like to share with you how I style a pair of jeans and a white top to look both classy for an office or lunch date and also to achieve a carefree boho look.

everydayfacts albatroz&CO

One of my all-time wardrobe staples is this black blazer. It adds a clean and cut look with added elegance.

everydayfacts albatroz&CO

 Pair it some simple accessories and jewelry, a watch and necklace, nothing too crazy and of course some feet loving heels.

everydayfacts albatroz&CO

Now you have the perfect outfit for a day in the office or lunch with the girls at your favourite cafe. Why not both!?

everydayfacts albatroz&CO

Now, it’s obviously the time of festivals, the fringe is back and everyone is dying to join. And with the right accessories, you can easily transform this outfit to fit right into any festival scene.

everydayfacts albatroz&CO

I’m not a major fan of throwing in a lot of fringe into anyone outfit but you can’t go wrong with an oversized poncho scarf like this one from Primark.

everydayfacts albatroz&CO

It’s the perfect go to accessory for that laidback bohemian look for hitting the best stages after a busy day at work 😉


And just like that you have two different outfits from one basic look.


I hope you enjoyed my guest post and picked up a thing or two.



Till next time xxx

Photos courtesy of Albatroz&CO.


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