Cour des Petites-Écuries – Paris’ Best Kept Secret

For this week’s collaboration I present you Chloe from My Life Living Abroad. Check her blog to find out a lot of tips about Paris and interesting ideas. I like it so very much!

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She is sharing in this post a really fashionable, cool and secret place in Paris, you should think about trying it out next time you will be here. Hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did.

This adorable little courtyard is, and has been since I discovered it, one of my favourite secret spots in Paris. I lived in Paris for almost 5 years before I finally found this little piece of heaven nestled in the heart of the buzzing 10th arrondissement.

So let me tell you all about why it’s such a special spot for people living in Paris…

Cour des Petites Écuries literally translated means the courtyard of little stables and got its name from the horses that were kept there in 1769 when the courtyard was first built. Since then it has become a residential area with a delightful assortment of pubs, bars and restaurants. Best of all, it is completely unknown to tourists.

The people who go to this quirky courtyard are well-informed Parisians who know the cool places to go. Inside the courtyard there is a real London feel; people spilling out onto the pavements with beers in their hands and people outside sitting on tables or on the pavement chatting, smoking and drinking.

Cour des Petites-Écuries

The atmosphere is lively and cheerful with people chattering animatedly in the street. Most of the bars are really cheap and the happy hours are extended much longer than usual! My two favourite bars are the Tribal Café and the O’Petit Paris where Happy Hour is from 2pm until 9pm. Drinks are very cheap, around 3 euros for a glass of wine or a pint of beer and even when happy hour ends the prices are still very low! It’s the perfect place to enjoy yourself on a budget!

Cour des Petites-Écuries

The Tribal Café also offers free food! That’s right, cheap drinks, a great atmosphere AND free food. On Friday’s and Saturday’s they offer free couscous and on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s it’s free moules-frites! What could be better?

Cour des Petites-Écuries

And if you’re not looking for a bar, there’s the more upmarket Brasserie Flo where, according to its website, you will be “plunged into the heart of Alsace and its gastronomy in an authentic setting dating from the 19th century!”

paris market

Photos courtesy of My Life Living Abroad and Pinterest.

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