Favorite Christmas Jumpers

Love a funky Christmas jumper as much as you do – we all remember Ron from Harry Potter and his eternal jumper gifts for Christmas – so, I am staying clear of that and focusing on stylish jumpers that you could wear more than for Christmas.

High on every fashionista’s Christmas list is the Bella Freud x Kate Moss design for Save The Children – you can buy knowing you’re giving as well as receiving.

Bella Freud x Kate Moss save the children jumper

I have my mind set on trying a sequined sweater this party season, I believe still wearable post-NYE.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Inspirational Outfits of the Week

I love to browse through fashionistas’ outfit style choices ahead of a new week. Get some inspiration for your next week’s outfits from the photos below.

Why not try an all suede ensemble like Gala Gonzalez or go for a bootcut pair of burgundy pants – so,so chic right now- like Kate Hudson.

Why not opt for a loose neck tie shirt like Sofia Coppola or embrace the ripped hems skinny jeans with chunky sneakers like Charlotte Groeneveld.

Why not go for an all white outfit like Caroline Issa or go for a dark, almost monochromatic outfit, with a chunky sweater and a mini like this model from Paris.

Photos courtesy of Telegraph.

Friday Inspiration Board

This week in photos I liked and made me smile and dream.

Happy & Relaxing Weekend, everyone!

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.


Party Nails – Glitter Obsession

While reds, blacks and nudes are my favorite nail polish colors no matter the season, for the parties ahead I would love to experiment with more colours, metallic shades and glitter finishes.  So, here are a few shades I am super keen to try.

Which are your favorites?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.


Happy Thanksgiving!








Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends!

thanksgiving 2015

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.