Cosy Warm Outfit: Sweater and Jeans

Cold weather is all around us, and all I can think of is finding a cosy warm outfit – fit for office hours too, fit for lazy weekends too – come on Saturday! So, why not go back to the sweater and jeans combo? Try a warm turtle neck or your chunky favorite sweater, skinnies or slouchy jeans and some boots. Set to go!

Here are some ideas:

Feeling warm enough? Me not likely until spring, but still.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

10 thoughts on “Cosy Warm Outfit: Sweater and Jeans

  1. Yes you are right! The cold weather has finally arrived in NYC and I am not sure what to do with myself (or my wardrobe!) Thank you for the added inspiration, as for this CA girl it was much needed. And happy 2016 to you! I hope it is everything you desire, but more 😉


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