Reinventing the White Shirt

Never be short of white shirts, be it for the office or for going out and wanting to look posh, because a classic white shirt is one of those items every girl needs.

So, try buttoning it up to the top and add a necklace to emphasize your high neckline.

Wear it as a dress,  add sneakers for instant coolness or high nude heels for a very chic vibe.

Wear it under a chunky sweater and let the collar in plain view – buttoned or unbuttoned to the top- and keep it completely untucked from your pants or skirt.

Wear it with boyfriend or girlfriend jeans and tuck it in your pants just in front.

Wear it with skinny jeans – try the light blue jeans, white shirt, red shoes combination – and skinny leather pants, or skirt – they are available in so many colors.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.


8 thoughts on “Reinventing the White Shirt

  1. The white shirt is def a Must Have for womens wardrobes as this moodboard clearly shows. Its a toughie, but I will go for the style of wearing an oversized one, half tucked in, half not for that stylish devil may care look! xoxo


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