The Ultimate Must-Have Item by Albatroz&Co

For this week collaboration I present you Theresa from Albatroz&Co. She has a great style and she is sharing a few tips of styling. Check them out below.

Fashion, if anything is versatile. It changes with time, evolves and becomes. Has always been.


There is a definite beauty in being able to bring to life an outfit for one occasion only to find that with a different set of accessories, you can have an entirely different style.

everydayfacts albatroz&CO

My name is Theresa Addo from Albatroz & Co blog and today I’ll like to share with you how I style a pair of jeans and a white top to look both classy for an office or lunch date and also to achieve a carefree boho look.

everydayfacts albatroz&CO

One of my all-time wardrobe staples is this black blazer. It adds a clean and cut look with added elegance.

everydayfacts albatroz&CO

 Pair it some simple accessories and jewelry, a watch and necklace, nothing too crazy and of course some feet loving heels.

everydayfacts albatroz&CO

Now you have the perfect outfit for a day in the office or lunch with the girls at your favourite cafe. Why not both!?

everydayfacts albatroz&CO

Now, it’s obviously the time of festivals, the fringe is back and everyone is dying to join. And with the right accessories, you can easily transform this outfit to fit right into any festival scene.

everydayfacts albatroz&CO

I’m not a major fan of throwing in a lot of fringe into anyone outfit but you can’t go wrong with an oversized poncho scarf like this one from Primark.

everydayfacts albatroz&CO

It’s the perfect go to accessory for that laidback bohemian look for hitting the best stages after a busy day at work 😉


And just like that you have two different outfits from one basic look.


I hope you enjoyed my guest post and picked up a thing or two.



Till next time xxx

Photos courtesy of Albatroz&CO.

The Ultimate Must-Have Item by Pin’s Place

For this week collaboration I present you Piniel from Pins Place and her ultimate must-have item! Hope you will like her style as much as I do.

Hi, my name is Piniel and I am the girl behind PinsPlace, a blog about everyday style. I’m honored to share with you all my ultimate fashion must-have, a black blazer.

I know it is such a basic item of clothing but it might be the most versatile. I love rocking it over a maxi dress or shorts to keep it casual but I can also wear it with skinny jeans and heels or something more professional to keep it elevated. Unfortunately, finding the right fit is the hard part which is probably why I’m extra attached to the one I own which I found at an H&M clearance sale (aka the best shopping ever). It’s a boyfriend fit which means it fits right on my shoulders but is longer and the sleeves are looser than a traditional fit. This makes it easier to layer the blazer over thick sweaters during those harsh winter days. Take a peek at some of my favorite ways to style it:


Piniel S

PS: be sure to check out more of my personal style here

{All photos courtesy of PinsPlace}

The Ultimate Must-Have Item by Eva’s Place

For this week collaboration I introduce Eva from Eva’s Place. She has a great unique style that I absolutely love and her must-have item is one of my favorites must-haves. Read below to find out what this is.
Hey, I’m Eva from EvasPlace and today I’m writing  a post for this lovely blog. I was very excited when this collab was proposed to me and I really hope you would like what I am going to talk about.
For me, the ultimate must-have item it is a leather jacket ( or even a leather vest). I think you can find such a big variety of leather jackets, from sport to casual to chic and elegant, so everyone can find one in their own style. You can even have only a classic one and styled properly can be worn in many situations.
Another good thing about a leather jacket is the fact that you can wear the same one for years and years and it will never be out of style. My personal favorite one is the biker jacket or vest. I think I could wear one almost every day (I kinda do that ) and pair it with anything, I would never have enough of it.

The Ultimate Must-Have Item by She Craves

The next ultimate must-have item in our collection comes from Her Craves a super interesting fashion blog that I am following. Are the espadrilles also on your list this season?

My ultimate must-have item for the Spring/Summer seasons has to be espadrilles! I bought my first pair a couple of months ago and I’ve found so many ways to wear them. They are perfect to pair with jeans and a t-shirt or even a casual chambray dress. During the Summer especially, I love a very casual, laid-back style. Shorts, t-shirts, simple dresses—and all will look so great with a cute pair of espadrilles!

Here’s how I pair them with skinny jeans and t-shirts. Below is a denim-on-denim look, complete with my espadrilles.

everydayfacts she craves


Not only do these shoes complete a look, but they are SO comfortable. I could wear them all day long. Even though they are completely flat, I do think they offer enough support to get me through even my longest days in the office. Also, since they are closed-toe shoes, I can see these being the perfect shoes for chilly Summer nights or working as a transition shoe when Summer is ending.

You can find my pair of espadrilles (only $45!) and a few other pairs I’m currently craving right now below!

Loft espadrilles , sandals, wedges, Valentino EspadrillesKenneth Cole New York espadrilles







Give Your Back a Break

I am absolutely in love with the belt bag trend. So gorgeous!