Rita Ora at 99.5’s Jingle Ball

Rita Ora attended the 99.5’s Jingle Ball dressed in a (festive) towel red Santa outfit. And her wardrobe choice also looks like a giant present wanting to be opened. I think she could have done so much better.

Rita Ora 99.5's Jingle Ball

What do you think? Yay or Nay?

Photo courtesy of NY Mag.

Monday Inspiration:The Best Red Lipsticks

Everybody loves the red lips. And finding you perfect red lipstick can be more difficult than it my seem. After watching Wayne Goss’ video, where he suggests trying the lipstick on your middle finger, which resembles best the color of your lips and also that in order to find the best shade or red you should go for the ones the color of blood (or with the shade name hinting at the color of blood) I have tried some of his advice and here below are my top 3 fav findings.

MAC Russian Red – perfect for day or night, this fierce shade totally means business – remember the berry lips from MAC?

mac lipstick

YSL Rouge in Danger – add a touch of Hollywood glamour

YSL lipstick

Clinique Red-y to Wear – just love it

Clinique lipstickwhat are your favorite shades for lipstick? and what are your favorite brands?

Tips on How to Be Ready Faster in the Morning

Monday mornings are the worst. Not just because it is Monday, and the weekend is over and there is a whole new week in front of us, as if this was not enough, getting ready in the morning is much slower. Lately I have been trying to implement a few changes in my routine and I have gained some more precious sleep time. I can be ready in 1/2 hour with dressing, eating and applying make-up – though more in the minimal style.

Monday Morning

If, like myself, you are the type of girl who changes bags depending on the mood, clothes or day of the week, I found it very useful to have an inner bag with all the necessary items and just move that from bag to bag – a small, soft bag to use as an inner pouch that holds all your essentials — wallet, lipstick, antibacterial gel, or whatever “essential” means to you.

I love the inner bag from Fullspot, but there are more other ideas:

Have a go-to blazer – it is that item that can pull together your entire outfit and make the transition of that gorgeous Mickey Mouse T-shirt from weekend to office working hours.

Have some dresses that can easily reduce the time to search for separates in the morning to just one piece.

In order to avoid colors mismatches I have a lot of black pieces that go very well together, and which I can mix a lot with my other clothes. That might come more easily for me as I love black as color, but give it a try and you will see what I am talking about.

Try to keep an organized closet, I am doing my best and there are short amounts of time after a closet cleansing or something similar when I discover new things in the back of my wardrobe.

And, of course, check the weather forecast the night before so you will so you can have all the accessories you need at the ready.

There is of course the universal advice, to have your outfit ready one the night before, but I am such a procrastinator that I was never really able to do that more than a couple of times. I rely heavily on morning inspiration and divine intervention into my brain.

Hopefully you can find some useful advice here, but I would love to hear some tips from you.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

Watches That Cought My Eye

Looking after interesting accessories, I have found this Swatch watch done in collaboration with British designer Jeremy Scott and this mustache watch from Fancy.

Jeremy Scott Swatch Moustache Watch

Which one is your favorite?

Kanye West Sweatshirt

I like this outfits very much. It goes very well with my Monday mood today. A Kanye West sweatshirt! Arrogant Monday!

Kanye West Sweatshirt

Photo courtesy of Fancy.