Nail Polish Guidelines for 2015

Speaking of geometric nails in my last series of weekly findings I have thought to ask my friends over at Madlene Nailbar and Spa for hints about the 2015 guidelines in terms of nail polish and the shape of the nails. Read below, what I consider to be a great informative article, that just made me want to try all the presented styles at once. One on each nail if possible.

As always at the beginning of the year the designers set the tone in fashion. And of course we were excited to see what 2015 brings. The colour of the wine Marsala was chosen by the experts of Pantone Institute as the colour of the year 2015. Marsala is a sensual colour. It offers many possibilities when it comes to clothing, make up and manicure.

When it comes to manicure I recommend it to every woman because it is easily adapted to every skin tone. We can choose to combine Marsala whit an additional colour such as mustard yellow or navy blue.

Alongside Marsala, even nude, burgundy and pink shades are among the top chooses 2015.

Metallic colours, including decorative stripes are still a perfect choice and reveal a strong and exuberant personality. The shape of the nail should be natural and elegant. With a little glitter and metallic accents we manage to transform our simple manicure in one for a special event.

Black never goes out of fashion and it is the ideal solution when we are undecided what to wear. Matte or shiny I recommend this colour for every occasion.

For those who want to have longer nails the almond shape is fashionable and is one of the trends of 2015. Jennifer Lopez is wearing them so well.


Head over to their Facebook page for more trends and ideas to follow.

Chic and Simple Tattoos

When it comes to tattoos, I haven’t yet have any, but I love the small chic black ones. Browsing around I have found some very interesting ones. These pretty and petite designs might just convince you, too.

What would you choose?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.


Uni Colored Christmas Trees Decorations

I love decorating the Christmas trees with as little colors as possible. One or two colors. This year it’s white and gold, as I have found some great decorating ideas online

Others colors I love are all white, white and black or blue, red and white, gold.

What is your decorating style? Which one is your favorite?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Current Obsession: Macabre Gadgets

Having seen the rings, collars and earrings from Macabre Gadgets I have no choice but to recommend them to you as they are fascinating. My favorite one is the Unicorn ring.
Unicorn ring
Macabre Gadgets is inspired by the infernal aesthetics of the dark side, which is inherent by the world view of mankind at all times, epochs and styles, from the early Middle Ages to progressive postmodernism. 
The Macabre mood of jewels is embodied by cutting-edge and traditional jewelry execution techniques and materials: pressed coral, silver & gold inlaid precious & semi-precious stones, pearls and metals.
Great jewelry to wear to a party and be the center of attraction.

Basic Wordrobe

It is a good investment to take your wardrobe back to basics with a few classic pieces that will last for seasons and add longevity to the statement pieces already hanging in your closet. In shades of beige, grey, black these essentials form the basis of the your wardrobe and though simple, will mix and match with all the latest prints – be it leopard, plaid or anything you might fancy.

Basic coats and trenches

Basic Sweaters

Basic pants

All about basic bags in a different post.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.