Tivoli Model One Radio

Legendary Audio Designer Henry Kloss has a long career in developing audio products – he has created the Tivoli Model One, a contemporary classic.

Radio model 1

Reflecting the designer’s passion for fine audio, simplicity, and good value, the Model One utilizes the latest in in audio technology to deliver superb sound in a simple and timeless form.

I love also Model 2 and Model 3.

I think them to be a great gift idea for the holidays to come. You may want to add on that list:

Wood Bow-tie

wooden bow tie

Wood Speakers

wooden bluetooth


In no particular order. I just love them!


Men's Accessories

I like men with bold attitudes who wear bold accessories. They are making a loud and clear statement about themselves. As a matter of fact I believe I could wear all the following items.

Bill Wooden Bow-tie

Men's Accessories bow-tie

Rope Anchor Bracelet

Men's Accessories bracelet

Horn Rimmed Eyeglasses

Men's Accessories eyeglasses

Photos courtesy of Fancy.