Hello World!

Dear Followers and Friends,

It has been sooooo long since my last post! BUT inspirational friends, fellow bloggers and followers made me come back. I’m so excited about this! Spring is upon us! The sun is shining! Birds are singing! Spring in Paris it’s amazing!

Looking forward to hearing how all of you have been!

I’ll let you enjoy some curated pictures that sum up my feelings!

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Valentine Inspiration

Pre-Valentine 2016 inspiration -pink pink and fluffy fluffy 🙂 and lots of hearts and flowers and candies and all the best wishes for you and your loved ones!

Home Deco – Recycled Vases

For an instant home update, and why not, for trying to make spring come faster, try the recycled vases for flowers. This means containers that come in clear glass or washed-out pastel hues and look so cool when filled with fresh flowers. Oh, come spring now!

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Home Decor: Vases with Peonies

For an instant room refresh, fill your vase of choice with fresh flowers: hydrangeas and peonies are my favorite at present. Or you might like stems or eucalyptus for a more casual-cool touch. Place the vase on top of a stack of carefully curated fashion magazines for a stylish home update. Here are some ideas.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Home Deco Idea: Silver Trays

For a touch of instant modern luxury,  just add a silver tray on your coffee table or somewhere in your room. A touch of the metallic hue is all that’s required to add polish to a room. And a silver tray in the living room to collate your favorite trinkets in one place is just the thing. Adding a vase of flowers on a silver tray might do the trick at your next house party, and you will get a lot of impressed u-la-la sounds from friends and family.

Here are some deco ideas

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.