Friday Halloween Inspiration Board

This week in scary pictures that will make you smile and be terrified in the same time 🙂

Do enjoy a scary Halloween!

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Chic Halloween Looks

Going to a fancy party for this year Halloween? Have a grown-up attitude to your outfit by creating interesting outfits with pieces that you could also re-wear again. Like for instance a super chic black leather skirt or pants – that can be given a fashionable twist for the Halloween occasion – yes, I am talking about the cat ears headbands, and then be reworn on a lot of different occasions.

Take inspiration from the following pictures

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.


Halloween Update – God Saves Queens

I am coming back to my Dazed for Halloween post from last week and updating the intimates favorites of the moment with some great findings from God Save Queens.

These are my favorites and I really think your vampire neighbor would be really impressed!

Dazed for Halloween

I love Halloween for the black atmosphere surrounding it! Love the horror movies and all the sweets one gets to eat in this period. For this year, instead of sharing a list of movies or Halloween outfits, I decided to share with you the Dazed intimates collection from Keepsake.

Who knows when your vampire neighbor might pay a visit? He needs to be greeted and impressed properly!

Easy DIY Painted Pumpkins

Just in time for Halloween! Lovely pumpkin designs!

Life in Pearls and Sports Bras

DIY Painted Halloween Pumpkins | check out the step-by-step at |

This fall the trend is painting pumpkins, rather than carving. I won’t lie, I’d much rather paint these things than make a huge mess cutting into them. I think this is probably a better alternative for the littler kids as well! There are so many different ways to use your own creativity with this project, but for simplicity, I’ll show you the easiest way I’ve found to paint pumpkins for decor.

For this demo I used craft pumpkins instead of real ones because I plan on keeping these decorations around to reuse year after year – real ones could be used though to make this project even less expensive. The pumpkins I used are from Michael’s (I got them for 50% off!). Feel free to use your own imagination and experiment, happy creating!

DIY Fall Decor Pumpkins



– Pumpkins: real or craft, mine were from Michael’s and were 50%…

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