Home Deco Idea: Silver Trays

For a touch of instant modern luxury,  just add a silver tray on your coffee table or somewhere in your room. A touch of the metallic hue is all that’s required to add polish to a room. And a silver tray in the living room to collate your favorite trinkets in one place is just the thing. Adding a vase of flowers on a silver tray might do the trick at your next house party, and you will get a lot of impressed u-la-la sounds from friends and family.

Here are some deco ideas

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Home Decor: Wood Ladders

The ladder is now a chic and functional home decor piece that’s taking up residence in our houses more and more.  It’s a trend that uses ladders in the form of antique, apothecary and Scandinavian style shelves, which will all add a touch of charm and give your home new space-saving places.

You may want to use your ladder in the living room to display your favorite reading tomes and pictures of the loved ones, or in the kitchen for hooking up your pots and pans. You may want to add a ladder in your bathroom to hold your towels. There are a lot of chic decoarting ideas with the use of ladders.

Check below some styling ideas.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Dream House by Tecto Arhitectura

I absolutely fell in love with this amazing house designed by my friends from Tecto Arhitectura. They have used raw materials and energy for this house. It is very ‘green’ and it was built having sustainable energy in mind. I have the impression that the nature was brought inside the house with the designs that were made, and from the outside it looks as if the house was raised from the nature itself. The view from the windows is absolutely magnificent. I can easily imagine myself waking up to that view.

And. as a special bonus for Everydayfacts, Tecto will answer questions from my readers. So, if you have home design questions and/or your dream house to built in mind, be sure to drop your question as a comment to this post or use Twitter and @evrydayfacts to post your questions! Can’t wait to host this new section on my blog!

Photos courtesy of Tecto Arhitectura.

Inspiration: Thanksgiving Mantels

Check out these beautiful and easy DIY mantels to give your home an upgrade this Thanksgiving season. Decorate your mantel with a mix of candles, lanterns, window frames and seasonal wreathes to give your home a fall aura.

Warm up on Thanksgiving with this homey and inviting fall mantel. The pumpkins with bronze glitter keep a fireplace’s formal look while making it an inviting place to be.

thanksgiving everydayfacts


You may want to add some candles and Voila! the perfect Thanksgiving spirit will be in your homes.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest