Home Deco Idea: Silver Trays

For a touch of instant modern luxury,  just add a silver tray on your coffee table or somewhere in your room. A touch of the metallic hue is all that’s required to add polish to a room. And a silver tray in the living room to collate your favorite trinkets in one place is just the thing. Adding a vase of flowers on a silver tray might do the trick at your next house party, and you will get a lot of impressed u-la-la sounds from friends and family.

Here are some deco ideas

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Home Decor Idea: Decorative Bowls

For an easy and instant home decor update just add a decorative bowl, which whether used solo or in clusters of two or three will liven up even the most simple of shelves, coffee tables and rooms. Choose any decorative bowl, from marble and hammered vintage copper to vibrant metal colors.

Choose one or more for yourself from the below ideas

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Home Decor: Wood Ladders

The ladder is now a chic and functional home decor piece that’s taking up residence in our houses more and more.  It’s a trend that uses ladders in the form of antique, apothecary and Scandinavian style shelves, which will all add a touch of charm and give your home new space-saving places.

You may want to use your ladder in the living room to display your favorite reading tomes and pictures of the loved ones, or in the kitchen for hooking up your pots and pans. You may want to add a ladder in your bathroom to hold your towels. There are a lot of chic decoarting ideas with the use of ladders.

Check below some styling ideas.

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Home Decor: Headboards

An interesting  item to invest in is the bed headboard. It will bring a touch of bourgeois to your bedroom. For impact meets style, I love a nice  high-back headboard with deep button details, which is classic, luxurious and sophisticated in the same time. Not to mention the extra comfort when reading a book or just checking Everydayfacts for the latest articles. One does to be modest from time to time 🙂

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Home Decor: Add Some Pink

Pink might not be the first color that comes to mind when looking for a new sofa or chair, but  just check out these pastel pinks and tell me you are not smitten. To have this sweet trend mastered to perfection go with subtle pastel pinks, not those vibrant pink hues and opt for prints to break up block hues.

Check the images below for some inspiration:

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.