Winter Coats

With all the cold and snow outside, having a thick and stylish coat has become a necessity. Getting inspiration from those under the spotlights, is a very easy way to start the search for your next coat – beware the sales period is upon us, so choose wisely and in advance.

I am a fan of layers, but when holidaying takes you in areas with 20 degrees below zero, where winter is nipping at our toes, it is a clear sign that at least one layer needs to be thicker.

Now you might just look forward to the chilly months ahead!

Photos courtesy of People, Pinterest, All Saints, Zara and Mango.

Maison Scotch

Chic and rock’n’roll with layers and layers of knitted cardigans. What can you ask more from a fall collection? Maison Scotch has designed the perfect Fall items that I would very lovingly harbour in my closet. What am I saying, I would buy a special wardrobe just for the clothes from Maison Scotch. Here are a few of my favs.

Photo courtesy of Maison Scotch.