Party Nails – Glitter Obsession

While reds, blacks and nudes are my favorite nail polish colors no matter the season, for the parties ahead I would love to experiment with more colours, metallic shades and glitter finishes.  So, here are a few shades I am super keen to try.

Which are your favorites?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.


Obsession du Jour

Saturday is my latest obsessions day. And here it’s my latest one. This amazing watch from Christian Paul:

Christian Paul Marble Watch

And some styling ideas:

Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Dayinmydreams.


Current Obsession: Stella McCartney Lace-Up Sneakers

Yes yes, new day, new obsession, but you know me, I only get obsessed with the most amazing things. Today I am obsessed with this gorgeous pair of Stella McCartney lace-up sneakers. I love the espadrille touch combined with gym wear—it’s a really cool combination, especially when paired with floaty dresses or tailored pants.

Stella McCartney lace up sneakers Stella McCartney lace up sneakers

What do you think? Already in love with them as I am?

Photos courtesy of Goop.