How to Icecream

Obviously I love icecream. If not I would not have used it a Secret Code name for my latest project: Icecream with Maria. I am thrilled to share with you the first in progress item.

Clues on what it might be? An icecream…hihihihi.

Keep you posted with the developments!


The Girls

Artistic Project – Icecream with Maria

I am absolutely thrilled to be sharing with you a very dear project of mine.

My friend Maria is a very sweet 11 years girl who is very artistic and loves to create things. She has an infections smile and she loves to carefully observe things and people around her.

Maria 1

On numerous occasions I have been gifted unique items from her creations to hang on the walls or on me 🙂 and I have been thrilled to display them in full view and to hear “Oh My”s from many people I knew.

She has been wanting to raise some money to finance a creation summer camp this year and so we have put our heads together and started this ‘Icecream’ (secret code name 😉 ) project. She is going to work on a bunch of beautifying items: necklaces to begin with…can’t wait to see them! and we are going to sell them in order to raise money for the camp.

I really love her initiative, in a world where most of the young kids prefer to play and be carefree – me included obviously, as I remember only wanting to play and goof around when I was her age, she wants to see the results of her work and get more skills and know-how for something she loves to do.

I find it very important to have hobbies and to be able to nurture them and , why not, turn them later into a profession.

So without further ado let’s get started.


The Girls 🙂

P.S. All resemblance of the picture with Maria is 100% intended, but I did not  want to share her image on the internet. Many thanks!!!

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.


Scarves That Support Women in Ethiopia

In the spring of last year, fashionABLE ran a scarf design contest with the One Campaign and the Alt Summit Community and they had an overwhelming response. The winning scarf design was called, Genet, as one of the women they have been working with. So, fashionABLE has teamed up again this year with ALT Summit to created another beautiful product to support the women in Ethiopia. They could not decide between two scarves designs so they have decided to have both of them made. Teaming up with Kickstarter was another great initiative, and you can order them online. Your purchase of a fashionABLE product creates sustainable business in Africa. So, let us all donate for a good cause!

And if you need additional incentive please see their ongoing campaign where you can win a lot of cool stuff and one of the scarves. Please be sure to use   #fashionABLEplusAlt  when you write about them.